This is a WordPress plugin to add stunning animation to your WordPress theme. No coding require. You can add all the animations from admin settings panel. 130 animation styles available and counting. Animation time option available. Import/Export settings available.

After installation go to WP Admin -> Settings -> SB Scroll Animation.
Click on Add New button to add new animation.
Add jQuery selector, select animation style and save changes. That’s it…

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  • 130 animation styles available and counting.
  • Animation time option available.
  • Enable/Disable animation.
  • Import/Export Settings available.
  • No coding require.
  • Manage all animations from admin settings screen.
  • CSS3 Transition.
  • Unlimited jQuery selector.
  • Animate trigger when user scroll to content.
  • Template tags available for custom use (Direct in HTML or PHP Template file).
  • Compatible with latest jQuery and WordPress


How to use in template file?

Below are available attributes to add animation direct to theme template or editor code.

  • sbsa-animation    – add this attribute to define animation style (Required)
  • sbsa-time              – add this attribute to define animation time in seconds (Optional). Default: 1


<div class="some_class_here" sbsa-animation="lightSpeedIn"></div>

<p class="some_class_here" sbsa-animation="rotateOutDownLeft" sbsa-time="1.5"></p>

    <li sbsa-animation="bounceInLeft" sbsa-time="1.5">Some Text Here...</li>
    <li sbsa-animation="bounceInRight" sbsa-time="2.5">Some Text Here...</li>
    <li sbsa-animation="fadeInDown" sbsa-time="2">Some Text Here...</li>
    <li sbsa-animation="fadeInDownBig" sbsa-time="0.5">Some Text Here...</li>


Parameter Description Default Possible Values
jQuery Selector Use any jQuery Selector. You can also use comma separated list for multiple selector. blank any jQuery Selector
Animation Style Animation Styles none Available in Drop Down
Animation Time Any positive float value. Animation will be played till this time. 1 Any positive float value. (0.01, 0.1, 1, 2, ….etc)



Scroll JS: WOW.js
Animation Styles By: Animate CSS
Animation Styles By: Magic Animations