This is a wordpress plugin to generate stunning google maps with 114 styles and counting. Just download zip and install plugin.
After installation go to WP Admin -> SB Google Map in left navigation.
Add New Map and use shortcode to display map. You can also use shortcode in php template files using wordpress do_shortcode() function.

You can also add map in post / page from editor button and to add map in widget go to widget screen and find SB Google Map widget and drag into sidebar.

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  • Fully responsive Maps
  • Mobile device supports
  • Marker cluster support
  • Save unlimited maps
  • Editor(tinymce) button ready
  • Widget ready
  • 114 different styles and counting
  • 50 different colorful predefined marker pins available
  • Unlimited custom marker pins
  • Different icon for each marker
  • Set center of maps
  • Multi-language google map support
  • Location list supports
  • Open marker on external link
  • Find nearest places api
  • Address field autocomplete
  • Customize control position
  • Easy integration
  • Works with addresses and latitude / longitude
  • Shortcode generator
  • Map preview in admin side
  • Multiple maps per page
  • Multiple markers per map
  • no API key required
  • Works in posts, pages, custom post types, widgets or any template files
  • Marker info window support
  • HTML content support in infowindow
  • Shortcode support in infowindow content
  • Display image or content in infowindow
  • Show / Hide any map control
  • Direction link in infowindow



Below is basic structure of shortcode.


Replace {YOUR MAP ID} with Map ID to display map.

You can use shortcode in php file using do_shortcode() function.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[SBMAP ID="{YOUR MAP ID}"]'); ?>

* Make sure single and double quotes are proper escaped…


Map Parameters

Parameter Description Default Possible Values
width Map width. In pixels or percents. 100% any value in px or %
height Map height. In pixels or percents. 400px any value in px or %
pancontrol Displays buttons for panning the map. yes yes | no
pancontrol_position Pan control buttons position. TOP_LEFT Click Here to see supported positions.
scalecontrol Displays a map scale element yes yes | no
streetviewcontrol Displays a Pegman icon to enable street view yes yes | no
streetviewcontrol_position Pegman icon (street view control) position. TOP_LEFT Click Here to see supported positions.
overviewmapcontrol Show / Hide overview map control. yes yes | no
overviewmapcontrolvisible Set map overview is visible or not. no yes | no
maptypecontrol Displays a maptype control no yes | no
maptypecontrol_position Map type control position TOP_RIGHT Click Here to see supported positions.
maptypecontrolstyle May type control style. DEFAULT DEFAULT | HORIZONTAL_BAR | DROPDOWN_MENU
mapstyle The style of map (map color, labels hide/show etc). style-1 style-1, style-2 …, style-114
zoom Map zoom level (automatic resize for multiple markers). 14 1,2 …, 21
zoomcontrol Displays a slider (for large maps) or small “+/-” buttons yes yes | no
zoomcontrol_position Zoom control position TOP_LEFT Click Here to see supported positions.
zoomcontrolstyle Zoom control style DEFAULT DEFAULT | SMALL | LARGE
draggable If the map should be draggable by mouse or touch device. yes yes | no
scrollwheel If mouse scrollwheel enable to zoom in/out map. yes yes | no
centerofmap Set center of map. Blank Address or (latitude, longitude)
weather If yes, add weather in map. no yes | no
traffic If yes, add traffic in map. no yes | no
transit If yes, add transit in map. no yes | no
bicycle If yes, add bicycle in map. no yes | no
panoramio If yes, add panoramio in map. no yes | no
searchtype Nearest search query. Select Disabled to turn off this feature. disabled Click Here to see supported search query
searchradius Search area radius in meters. Radius calculates from center of map. 500 any integer between 1 to 50000
searchiconanimation Seach result icon animation. NONE NONE | DROP | BOUNCE
Text for Directions Link (for nearest API) Direction link text for search result marker. Leave blank to hide link. view directions any string
reloadonresize If yes, map is reload on screen resize. no yes | no
language Map Language. en Click Here to see available languages. Please refer v3 version and use language code in shortcode.
clustering Enable this if you have 100ths of markers. It will improve speed for too many markers. no yes | no


Marker Parameters

Parameter Description Default Possible Values
address Marker Address. Field is required. Any address or latitude, longitude (latitude and longitude must be comma separated Ex: -31.7521177,115.7560066)
Text for Directions Link Marker Address. Blank Any string. If blank link will not display in marker infowindow.
icon Marker icon image. blue-1 blue-1 to blue-10
green-1 to green-10
magenta-1 to magenta-10
red-1 to red-10
yellow-1 to yellow-10
Or you can set any custom image url. Ex:
animation Marker animation. NONE NONE | DROP | BOUNCE
infowindow If yes, marker’s infowindow is by default open. no yes | no
content This is content of marker. You can also use text / html here. no yes | no



Map Styles by SnazzyMaps:
Map location pins by MediaLoot:
Google Map API. You agree to their Terms of Services